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Our Strength

Excellent financial strength

As an A- rated insurer we are driven to deliver optimal performance and return on capital for Members

IPB Insurance is a Standard & Poor’s rated insurer with excellent financial strength and is well capitalised. Our overriding objective is to devise a business model themed on sustainability and built on our proud heritage anchoring our Members at the core of the mutual.

In October 2016, Standard & Poor’s maintained IPB’s rating at A- (Stable) and continues to note the capital and financial strength aspect of IPB’s rating as AAA.

IPB Insurance is rated in the top 500 mutual insurers globally by the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF).

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Members’ Satisfaction Index (MSI) Survey (2016)

Conducted by Red C Research, the survey is the fourth annual survey of Members tracking satisfaction ratings and trends. Since the launch of the survey in 2013, CEOs of both the local authorities and ETBs consistently rank as the most satisfied Member groups. There has also been a notable increase in the proportion of local authorities’ senior management members, specifically Directors of Service, identifying as very satisfied, an important driver for sustainable Member engagement.

According to the researchers, IPB manages its Members’ expectations well with high satisfaction ratings for the most important metrics, namely ‘understanding your needs’ and ‘quality of cover’. Comparatively to previous years, improvements have been recorded around IPB’s responsiveness and identifiable contact personnel.

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