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96th AGM

The 96th Annual General Meeting of IPB Insurance took place on Friday, 6th May 2022 at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin. In advance of addressing Nominees, Chairman George Jones welcomed all attendees to the first in-person AGM since the COVID Pandemic.

The Chairman expressed satisfaction with IPB’s strong performance in 2021. He acknowledged that while major challenges remain, the overall outlook for the insurance industry was beginning to improve. He noted that IPB’s Members continue to face growing demand on limited resources, particularly for vital services centred around key areas, namely; Housing, The War in Ukraine and navigating the post COVID Environment. The Chairman concluded his address with an upbeat message that the Mutual will continue to increase the breadth and depth of coverage for all insurable risk exposures facing Members in the future.

CEO Michael Garvey followed with a presentation of the review of the year and an overview of IPB’s full-year financial performance. There was an excellent turnout for the meeting and attendees were engaged with the presentation and fielded interesting and thought-provoking questions for the Board. A big thank you to all the IPB employees who were involved in the delivery of the event.