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Ivor Heavey joined IPB in early 2016 as a Risk Advisor following a fifteen-year career in engineering/environmental, health and safety consultancy. Ivor is both a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.) and Health and Safety Practitioner (CMIOSH). He has a Masters Degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental, Health and Safety Management. Ivor has worked across a broad spectrum of the industry including civil engineering (project design, planning and supervision) and specialised in accident investigation, the preparation of litigation reports and presenting expert witness testimony in the District, Circuit and High Courts. Ivor has conducted many environmental, health and safety system management audits for various clients throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom and is focused on process improvement and risk management to create safe, more efficient work places with an emphasis on business continuity and good governance within organisations. Ivor is a competent Environmental,

Health and Safety (EHS) trainer and has delivered many courses for clients in the area of risk management, Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC), machinery training, manual handling and chemical safety over the past number of years.

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