Our History

Established in 1926, IPB’s original objective remains the same today

Our original objective remains the same today as it did in 1926; a mutual insurer owned by Members to underwrite and manage their risk exposures.

IPB Insurance – A lasting legacy of the Nation’s First Government

The story of the origins and early development of IPB Insurance is inextricably bound up with the challenge of state-building that faced the first government of the Irish Free State in the 1920s.

The Civil War, which followed the foundation of the State, left it with a mountain of debt at central and local Government levels. Budgetary concerns dominated during this period ensuring a strong emphasis on economy and fiscal retrenchment, meanwhile financial pressures bore down heavily on individual councils.

At a meeting of the General Council of County Councils on 9 December 1925 it was agreed that public bodies should secure their own insurance.  In 1926 IPB Insurance was established as the mutual insurance company.

Now, over 90 years since IPB’s formation, the ideal remains; that as a nation we can and should support our own interests. The self-sufficient vision of the first post-independence Irish parliamentarians is reflected in the legacy that IPB Insurance shares today as a mutual insurer.